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Frequently Asked Questions


What are some recommended instructions for installing TYRI LED Lights?

Be sure to check the product description for the amp draw of each light, and ensure you are using a large enough circuit breaker or fuse when installing these lights on your equipment. 18 gauge or larger wire is recommended when wiring over a long distance from the battery, and always be sure to have a good connection when grounding your light. Also make sure the red wire is leading to the positive connection, and the black wire is leading to the negative connection.

Hanging vs. Standing orientation?

Our lights are manufactured with the top of the lens intended for use in the standing position. To ensure the effectiveness of your beam pattern, be sure to correct the lens position in relation to the installation position of the light. You will need a hex driver to reposition the lens.

Does TYRISHOP.COM offer a refund on their products?

If you would like to return a light you purchased from TYRISHOP.COM, please be sure to do so before use, and within 15 days upon receipt of the product.

What is the warranty on LED lights sold on TYRISHOP.COM?

TYRISHOP.COM offers a limited 5 Year Warranty on all TYRI LED lights sold for any manufacturer related defects. Disassembling the light for any purpose other than to change the lens position voids the warranty.

What is the importance of Effective vs Theoretical/Raw Lumens?

We measure the output of our LED lights in Effective Lumens, while many of our competitors measure using Theoretical or Raw Lumens. Effective Lumens are a much more accurate way of determining the amount of usable light the LED lights produce on the ground, as opposed to the unrestricted brightness of the LED board itself.

Can I buy these lights outside of the United States?

Currently TYRISHOP.COM only sells within the United States. For more information about global availability visit www.tyrilights.com 


TYRI LED lights are not intended for use using A/C voltage, such as wall outlets. Our lights are for off-road use only.